Monday, January 25, 2010


Everyone has problems with females in their life. Whether it has to do with best friends, girlfriends, or just random girls that like to start drama. For this post I will be talking about girls like this. For instance, my best friend that is a girl and I are losing touch because of drama that is starting up. She and I have been great friends for a little more than five years and lately there has been some drama between her and one of my other friends.

My best friend and I know that there are feelings there but every time one of us is single the other one isn't. Which is always the biggest problem. So finally we are both single and in college and we start talking but one of her friends that is also my friend is telling her she shouldn't talk to me like that because it could ruin our friendship and that I'm not good enough for her. Which is just dumb drama that isn't true.

Most of the time some girls tend to always want all the attention they can get and to do that they start drama so they people ask them what its all about or why they are doing it. And some girls love that; but I'm not saying that this is just a girl thing because guys tend to do it too but that isn't the case this week.

This girl that is talking all this shit about me and is trying to convince my best friend that I am such a terrible person and all I care about is myself. But my best friend knows that isn't true. But this girl is so determined to not let us be happy that shit is making up different lies about me almost everyday. Which is hard for me because it makes me tired of trying to prove myself and my best friend is trying to just ignore it but she is starting to cave in and I can tell which is very disappointing to me. And this isn't the first time drama has gotten between me and a relationship but that can be another post some day.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Police officers really get under my skin

For this weeks post i will be talking about how cops piss me off. This week has been a pretty good week until I got a speeding ticket on the way home from my mothers house. I was driving along around 11p.m and was almost home. There weren't any cars around me until i passed two cars heading the opposite way. Unfortunately one of the two cars was a state highway patrol. I drive a very nice car for my age and I tend to always get looks, especially from the police. When the cop told me I was speeding I knew I was screwed. The second thing the cop said was, " is this your car?" when I responded yes he then said, " do your parents know your driving this vehicle?" Which really pisses me off considering the registration and insurance is in my name. And this isn't the first time I've been pulled over and asked that. Like can't cops read? and do something better then pulling people over going 10 mile an hour over? I'm pretty sure there is more serious things that need taken care of like murders, robberies, accidents, and people going way over the speed limit.

Also, they piss me off because when I need them they never come. I've called 911 multiple times for help and I've never gotten a police officer to show up. Even though it was nothing life threating but its still the fact that they should show up and make sure everything is ok. Thats why they tend to piss me off a lot. Which brings brings up the point they only come when you don't want them to or don't need them. Which gets under my skin like you can't believe!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sometimes having a party can SUCK!

Hello all, for this weeks blog post I'm going to write about how throwing a party can piss you off but at the same time have something good. My friend Tony from high school and I decided since we applied so late for college that there wasn't a way to get into the dorms. So we had to get an apartment; and we have a two bedroom one and a half bathroom place with a nice basement. We have had a few parties and not much has happened that has really gotten under my skin until last night.

We decided to have people over and just have some fun; usually there is always someone that doesn't know when to quit drinking (water of course) and gets sick which ruins everything for the persons place that its at because they are the ones that usually have to clean it up.

This night things were going good until the next day when I woke up i couldn't find some items like my video games, movies, shoes, coats, and ipods. The place was completely trashed there were stains in the carpet and garbage everywhere. when it comes to a person that hosts a party you think that the people that were invited would have the respect to not steal or trash the place. Well sometimes people don't always think that way. So my roommate and I started cleaning up and the more we cleaned the more stuff we found missing. It was like the people that came over were just trying to pull a fast one on us but in the end they were just kidding and hid stuff. My roommate and I were very pissed of until we figured out it was all a joke, a very good joke, but we were still angry that our friends left trash lay every where and didn't help clean up.

Thats why having parties can sometimes piss me off because you have to clean up the next day and sometimes things are where you put them or are just completely missing.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My first blog post everrrrrrrrrrr

Hey all, this is my first post ever in my life. I have never done anything thing like this before and am still kind of lost on the whole thing. In my posts you will see me venting about things that really piss me off but in some events is also something funny or made a memory that will last forever. There will most likely be things that I write about that you will find that piss you off also, which means you can comment on my posts! There is always something small that make people flip, which sometimes confuses people because they don't know what was said or done to anger you. it doesn't matter whether you are a very relaxed person or if you are a very active person.

Personally i am a very high strung guy but am very laid back when it comes to things pissing me off. But like everyone else in this world small things people do or say get me so fired up i start shaking and my heart feels like it's pound so hard its going to come out of my chest; such as, when people are shady/lie/steal, when people drive like idiots, or when people talk down on people for no reason. There are many other things that piss me off but those top the list.

Its a good thing to be able to vent about those kind of things so you get it out and don't let it build up inside and then blow up on a friend or a boyfriend or girlfriend. Which is what you can do on my blog, you can vent all you want about anything, such as gf/bf problems, parent problems, school problems, etc. and it will most likely take a big burden off of your shoulders. Hopefully this blog will help out some of you that need to vent!