Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Police officers really get under my skin

For this weeks post i will be talking about how cops piss me off. This week has been a pretty good week until I got a speeding ticket on the way home from my mothers house. I was driving along around 11p.m and was almost home. There weren't any cars around me until i passed two cars heading the opposite way. Unfortunately one of the two cars was a state highway patrol. I drive a very nice car for my age and I tend to always get looks, especially from the police. When the cop told me I was speeding I knew I was screwed. The second thing the cop said was, " is this your car?" when I responded yes he then said, " do your parents know your driving this vehicle?" Which really pisses me off considering the registration and insurance is in my name. And this isn't the first time I've been pulled over and asked that. Like can't cops read? and do something better then pulling people over going 10 mile an hour over? I'm pretty sure there is more serious things that need taken care of like murders, robberies, accidents, and people going way over the speed limit.

Also, they piss me off because when I need them they never come. I've called 911 multiple times for help and I've never gotten a police officer to show up. Even though it was nothing life threating but its still the fact that they should show up and make sure everything is ok. Thats why they tend to piss me off a lot. Which brings brings up the point they only come when you don't want them to or don't need them. Which gets under my skin like you can't believe!


  1. Hmm. But you were speeding, right? Ten mph over isn't that insignificant.

    Certainly, cops profile teenagers and young adults, especially those with nice cars. My fiend and I dealt with a power-mad officer in the parking lot of a grocery store once. We were parked for ten minutes before he showed, waiting on a friend in the store. He refused to tell me why he was collecting our IDs. In retrospect, I sure wish I got his badge number.

    What sort of things did you call 9-1-1 about? Who did show up, if not police officers?


    Oh, and Justin, try to find a new title for your blog, one that isn't similar to someone from last year's class.

  2. I agree with this blog completely. Not for the same reason though. Throughout my two years and some odd months of me driving I have never been pulled over. I used to speed all the time but the older I got I realized that I need to just slow down and get there when I get there. But that’s besides the point, one day I had called the cops because of break-in and the cops didn’t show up until two hours after I called. This is why cops piss me off because if its not something that they don’t find to be extremely important than they will handle it on their time.

  3. I agree with you, cops can be very irritating at times. I've been pulled over once for speeding, but the cop were generous enough to give me a warning. After that incident i bought myself one of those police radars for your car, and it has helped me out several times. I do agree with you that in some situations, it does seem like a cop is just abusing their authority and it seems like they pull you over for fun. My sound system in my car used to be very loud, and i've been pulled over twice for having my system turned up too loud. Although I only received warnings, I believe there are more important crimes out there to take care of instead of a kid with his radio turned up too loud.

  4. That sucks. Guess you should have never been speeding. State highway patrols are dicks, but you were going 11 mph over the speed limit. I think you should go with Antonio’s thing and get a radar. I have one and it has kept me from getting caught. I have never been pulled over yet, but my luck will eventually run out. My brother got pulled over three times in the same month and he got a fine out of all of them. I have been pulled over and searched from a game warden for spot lighting deer. Luckily my gun wasn’t in there because deer season was over the week before.