Monday, February 22, 2010

When friends mess with your Facebook

So this week nothing really made me pissed off until my roommate got onto my Facebook that was left up on my laptop. Which was dumb of me to not log off because it has happened before. He got onto my home page and changed my profile picture to two gay guys that were pretty much naked and changed my status to something VERY gay. Then he changed my interested in from girls to guys. So of course everyone gets onto their Facebook and sees all of that on their news feed and most of the people know its someone messing with my page but some people are dumb enough to believe it and freak out. Sadly i drank to much water before this was all happening and didnt realize it till the next morning when i got onto my page and saw that i had over ten messages, a few from family members but some friends, and over fifty notifications. So then after i get pissed off at my roommate and tell him i'm going to get him back i have to change everything back to the way it was, explain to my family members that it was just my roommate being immature and delete all the comments and pictures that he put up. I hate when people do that kind of stuff where people that are family or have some type of business with me that wouldnt understand it as a joke because then you lose respect and question that person. But it hasnt been the first time that has happened from not only my roommate but from other friends because i guess i just have to much trust for them and wouldnt think they would do something like that. But i will get him back and after he did that it really did make me say "Fuck you" to my roommate.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Stupid Skiers

For this weeks post I will be talking about how skiers can really get to me. Since Weds my friends and I have been at a condo that my family has in Snowshoe, West Virginia. When we got there it was a little rough because of all of the snow but we pushed threw because when we would get there the trails would be amazing!

But anyways back to the stupid skiers. Thursday when we woke up around ten we got showered, dressed, ate, then headed out on the trails (which I'd like to add is out the back door). For the first couple days there wasn't too many people on the mountain since it was during the week but I knew that once Friday hit it would get packed and have long lines and such. Saturday morning we wake up around the same time as usual and get ready, when we hit the slopes there were so many people on the trials! And as a snowboarder it is hard to go along the straight aways when there are skiers just stopped in the middle of the trial.

One of my friends actually ran in to someone that got into their way because there were one of two things done, 1. couldn't go anywhere and 2. he thought of WWJD (What Would Justin Do?). So the skier got all pissed off and started yelling at us but then we came back and told him to get off the trials if he doesn't know mountain etiquette. So then we went to the terrain park where there shouldn't be any dumb skiers. But noooooooo people take their kids down it so they can jump off the sides of set ups. Which doesn't just mess up a persons run but it also messes up the set up too.

Stupid skiers are the new people that don't know what they are doing and mess everything on the mountain up and thats how people get hurt. They don't just mess up snowboarders but they also mess up other skiers that actually know what they are doing. Which is why they should make it so beginner skiers learn etiquette and have to stay at a certain part of the mountain before they can go places they are made to be at.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Why Does it Always Have to Rain/Snow When I Wash My Car?!

This weeks post will be about how every time I wash my car the weather becomes shitty and makes her all dirty again. I love to have a clean car, so I am always washing it. When I wash it, it usually takes me at least two and a half hours but sometimes more. My car does not fit in normal car washes since it is so big. When I do find a car wash that can fit my car, the car wash can never reach the top of my car. In other words, I pay money for a car wash to just spray some water on the sides of my car.

Usually what happens is I will clean my car top to bottom because it gets dirty and the day is really nice so I decide to clean it. But by the end of the day or the next day it will end up raining or snowing and it will get all dirty and all the work I put into it goes down the drain. Which really makes me just want to say "fuck you" to the weather! So now I tend to not clean my car for awhile even if the weather is really nice and then finally i decide that the weather seems like it will stay nice so I take it to the car wash pay fifteen bucks and the car would look so amazing and then it will rain or I will have to go somewhere where my car will get muddy. It is very annoying, I feel like I should just never wash my car since it always gets so dirty with the Ohio weather.

Monday, February 1, 2010


For this weeks post I will be talking about how my neighbors piss me off. This week has been a pretty chill week until my neighbors decided to be smart asses and piss me off. First, one of my neighbors decided that they can just walk into my apartment because my roommate and I are kind of friends with them. They just come and grab a water and start up the hookah like it is their apartment. Which is EXTREMELY annoying! The next thing is that when her boyfriend comes over he just starts to play Xbox without even asking or when he will use the bathroom he didn't flush or pissed all over the place like a two year old! Like come on! how can you seriously miss the bowl sober?! Recently her boyfriend thought it would be funny to turn the water off on the toilet shit in the upper bowl (EXTREMELY GRAPHIC!!!!)and then piss everywhere. So as the days went on there was a terrible smell and we couldn't figure out where the smell was coming from until we went to go flush the toilet and it wouldn't. So when we lifted the top off we saw the shit and my roommate puked and I almost did. It was a good, but gross joke and made us pissed until we get them back and make everything even. But besides that prank It wouldn't really bug me if they would ask to come in or to use things but they don't so we tend to get them back by doing things that pretty much say fuck you and quit doing what your doing. Hopefully they catch on and they will quit it.