Monday, March 15, 2010

The final post.

For this quarter my English class has been blogging to each other and to other outside sources. I feel that blogging is a way to reach out to people that aren’t just friends of yours but all around the world that have the same questions and problems that you have. When you get to a blog it may answer questions that you want to know or just pointless information that you most likely wont remember the next day and anyone can go to a blog.

You don’t have to have special permission, if you want to look something up you just type it in to Google or another search engine and find a blog that pertains to what you are looking up and read away. I feel that people blog because they need to get what they are blogging about off their chest and have nowhere else to go to vent about what they are saying without being embarrassed or get into trouble. People read blogs because they have questions that they are too scared to ask other people face to face. Which is why blogs tend to bring people together because they find something they have in common with each other and continue a conversation from there.

When you blog you don’t have to give out any personal information, which makes things easy for people to do because then they don’t have to worry about someone finding out what they are writing about. Like how I vented about my girlfriend that is now my ex. I would’ve gotten my ass chewed out if she would’ve seen that and figured out it was me venting about her.

Like when Dougas Rushkoff said “the internet is social currency”. The Internet brings all type of people together. One of the newest things that proves his point is all of the new Internet dating sites that are everywhere. The Internet brings people that would never of talked to each other something to talk about, like what they posted about or asks questions on their profile.

“Blogging is changing the media world and could, I think, foment a revolution in how journalism functions in our culture.”

—Andrew Sullivan “The Blogging Revolution: Weblogs Are To Words What Napster Was To Music”

Responding to Students

After reading the post “You Piss Me Off; or, Honesty is the Best Policy” from the blog The Devils in the Details by Andreas Viklund, I felt a need to respond. As a student I can understand that teachers have to read a lot of bullshit that students type just to get a good grade in the class.
The blog that I read about was a teacher who was venting about how he is reading his students papers and how they are offensive in many ways. There are a few ways that I would respond to this blog, like how I have bullshitted many papers, how I have probably written offensive things in a paper before, and how I would hate to have to read that it.
The post that I read was about a teacher, named Andreas Viklund, who was reading papers that not only made the teacher laugh but also offended Viklund. Some of the papers that the teacher was reading about had to do with homosexuality and how it is just an irrational thought. Viklund gets very pissed over just one essay that he read. He vents over the paper he just read out loud to get it off his chest. Then Viklund tries to take himself out of the grading and just ignore the entire offensive and morally wrong things that the kids were writing in their papers and grade them just to get them done.
Viklund was asking questions on what he/she should do about it. Do you speak what you feel and possibly cause problems between you and your work or just hold back and keep it to yourself? Viklund asks the same questions, “How do you address work that offends you? Do you avoid it? Brush it off? Try to correct the person? Do you tell the person you are offended? There’s a lot of debate about this in academia.”
Bullshitting Papers

In all my years of schooling I would have to admit that I have bullshitted a lot of papers! Its either that I don’t understand the assignment or I wait until the very last minute to look at the assignment and realize its going to take awhile to complete right but if I bullshit it good enough I can get at least a passing grade. I bet teachers can figure out if a student did that on a paper and I can imagine that it makes them angry. Bullshitting a paper comes into this blog because if a student bullshits a paper they don’t care what the paper contains as long as it meets the word count and has something to do with the subject of the assignment.
In the many papers I have written in 18 years I bet there is at least one paper that has offended someone or the teacher writing it. A teacher asks you to write about something that you believe in and you put down what you think and feel. When doing an assignment you don’t think about how the teacher/student is going to feel about what you write. You’re just trying to get the paper done and move onto your other homework. Which in turn, what you write can offend someone in the class, if you have to present the paper, or offend the teacher reading the paper. But the teacher can’t give you a bad grade because you did what they asked you to do but they can speak their mind; unless the teacher was like Viklund.
If I was in the shoes of Andreas Viklund, I wouldn’t be able to grade papers without speaking my mind. I couldn’t be like the teacher I read about. He said that they would just bite their tongue and not correct the person. I would be completely different, I would have corrected the person and told him if he continues to write offensive stuff then I would fail him or turn him in to the dean. I feel that Viklund should speak his mind to his students so that they don’t continue to offend the people reading their papers. And Viklund could at least say something small because the next teacher may not be so shy.
As a student I can understand that teachers go threw a lot and read a lot of things that they don’t want to even think about. But as part of their job and the assignments that they hand out they have to understand that they are going to get some weird and offensive essays. Like in the blog I read, he had those things happen that day and decided to blog about them. Have you ever thought that something you wrote about in a paper could offend someone?

Having a Shitty and Messy Roommate

While there are times when people have moments that they get upset or pissed off there are also things that make people smile. For this story you will read about how one of my best friends who is also my roommate pisses me off. The main thing that bugs me is that I am a clean freak and hate clutter, but he is always leaving things lay around.
These habits were at their peak when we decided to have a new years party at our house. He never cleans up the next morning; he lets everyone wear their shoes, and is always letting people smoke in our house.
First, ever since I was a little kid I was taught to always keep things clean, whether it is dishes, your room, or your clothes. When I get bored, I tend to clean things, which can be a really bad thing because when I do that I usually clean up his stuff too. So he just takes advantage of it which is why I think he doesn’t clean up after himself as much.
When we have parties at the house he tends to keep himself locked in his room the next morning until he has to go to class or work and then I end up having to clean everything. Which is exactly what he did the day after new years. It wouldn’t bother me to clean my own mess but I have to clean up his and our friends’ messes, which is just annoying. Even when he is the one that wanted to throw the party I tend to still clean it up after because I wake up earlier then he does.
When we have people over at our house and I’m home I make everyone take their shoes off at the door so that the carpet doesn’t get all dirty and gross. But when my roommate throws a party and I get home to late and people are already there he doesn’t have them take their shoes off so the carpet will be all wet and nasty. Which is what happened on new years. Its like he has to impress everyone by letting them do whatever they want when they come to our place and it’s just dumb.
So then the next morning when everyone is gone it looked like a herd of buffalo swam in the mud then ran all around our house. Then it comes to me mostly cleaning it and my roommate will come towards the end and finish. But he usually does a shitty job so I have to go back and clean it.

One of the last things that piss me off is how he let other people at the party is smokes in the apartment. When he has friends over he lets them all smoke when I’m not home so when I get home the place smells gross and I get extremely pissed. I think the only reason he does it because he wants people to think he’s cool and doesn’t care. But when I find a bunch of cigarette butts all in the front lawn or burn marks in the couch or on the floor I get really pissed.
The Gross Cigarette Butts

We both grew up around people that didn’t smoke so I don’t understand where this is coming from. He has also picked up a habit of chewing tobacco, which is extremely gross and smells terrible when he opens the cans up. He will just leave bottles of chew spit all over the place and I find it extremely gross and I will find tobacco guts on our floor. Which also goes along with how he doesn’t pick up after himself. But I wouldn’t care about the spitting thing as long as he didn’t leave his spit bottles lay everywhere.
My best friend, which is also my roommate, tends to do things around the apartment that really pisses me off. He is a really great friend and we usually always get along but there are times when we just butt heads and argue about things like I explained and things go down hill but they usually get better the next day. Like when he doesn’t clean up the next morning, lets people keep their shoes on inside, and smokes and spits in the house. The things he does wouldn’t bother me as much as they do if he would just do his share of the work and just make smarter choices.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Being Sick

So as all of you know i have been having problems with my eyes. But to add on top of that i now have a sinus infection and an ear infection. Which sucks because it seems like every time i get a little sick someone drops a bomb on me and i get even worse. Its kind of like the saying when it rains it pours, when i get a little sick it all goes to hell and i hate it!

If you were to walk into my room you would think im a druggie because of all the pill bottles i have. I have pain killers, drops, and a cream type thing JUST for my eyes! then i have to take accutane twice a day and then i have two other pills for my ear and sinus infection.

I feel like an old person that has those plastic bins full of pills for each day of the week. And i mean i know there is going to be a time when your going to be sick but i feel like every time i get better i get something else wrong with me and it starts all over again. Which personally just really pisses me off especially since the weather is getting nicer and i cant enjoy it because i feel like complete shit.

Sunday, March 7, 2010


So the other weekend i went to visit my buddies up at kent state and we did our usual things that we do best. I left two thursdays ago so that i could be up there for thirsty thursday. Thursday went off with a bang and i got up there met up with my friends and then went out with no problems. The same went for friday night, but on saturday night things went downhill. when we go out i wear my contacts and before passing out around 3 am i forgot to take out my contacts.

So the next morning i wake up and my eye hurt like a mother and are gunked shut. I figured i just had another eye infection like i get when i wear my contacts too long. so i didn't think anything of it. But the next day it wasn't any better it was actually worse! So i have my roommate drive me to the urgent care since i can barley keep my eyes open. When i get there the nurse asks me questions that i answer. then the doctor comes in and asks me the same questions, so i answer them again. then they tell me i need to get to a eye specialist ASAP! but there wasn't any open at the time so my parents wanted me to go to OSU Medical Center.

My mom rushed to Newark to pick me up and took me. When we get there you have to sign in and do all the stupid paperwork. Finally i get called and they ask me pretty much the same dam things that the urgent care did. And not just once, like three times. After being there for around three hours and meeting a girl that has the same thing wrong with her eyes we have to schedule an appointment with another specialist for the next day. After that we were giving our prescriptions and able to leave.

The next day my dad drives me to the other specialist and guess what?? I had to repeat the whole process for the third time! Filling out all the paperwork and answering all the same questions. You would think that all the stuff that they right down the next person would read it and not ask the same questions.

Monday, February 22, 2010

When friends mess with your Facebook

So this week nothing really made me pissed off until my roommate got onto my Facebook that was left up on my laptop. Which was dumb of me to not log off because it has happened before. He got onto my home page and changed my profile picture to two gay guys that were pretty much naked and changed my status to something VERY gay. Then he changed my interested in from girls to guys. So of course everyone gets onto their Facebook and sees all of that on their news feed and most of the people know its someone messing with my page but some people are dumb enough to believe it and freak out. Sadly i drank to much water before this was all happening and didnt realize it till the next morning when i got onto my page and saw that i had over ten messages, a few from family members but some friends, and over fifty notifications. So then after i get pissed off at my roommate and tell him i'm going to get him back i have to change everything back to the way it was, explain to my family members that it was just my roommate being immature and delete all the comments and pictures that he put up. I hate when people do that kind of stuff where people that are family or have some type of business with me that wouldnt understand it as a joke because then you lose respect and question that person. But it hasnt been the first time that has happened from not only my roommate but from other friends because i guess i just have to much trust for them and wouldnt think they would do something like that. But i will get him back and after he did that it really did make me say "Fuck you" to my roommate.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Stupid Skiers

For this weeks post I will be talking about how skiers can really get to me. Since Weds my friends and I have been at a condo that my family has in Snowshoe, West Virginia. When we got there it was a little rough because of all of the snow but we pushed threw because when we would get there the trails would be amazing!

But anyways back to the stupid skiers. Thursday when we woke up around ten we got showered, dressed, ate, then headed out on the trails (which I'd like to add is out the back door). For the first couple days there wasn't too many people on the mountain since it was during the week but I knew that once Friday hit it would get packed and have long lines and such. Saturday morning we wake up around the same time as usual and get ready, when we hit the slopes there were so many people on the trials! And as a snowboarder it is hard to go along the straight aways when there are skiers just stopped in the middle of the trial.

One of my friends actually ran in to someone that got into their way because there were one of two things done, 1. couldn't go anywhere and 2. he thought of WWJD (What Would Justin Do?). So the skier got all pissed off and started yelling at us but then we came back and told him to get off the trials if he doesn't know mountain etiquette. So then we went to the terrain park where there shouldn't be any dumb skiers. But noooooooo people take their kids down it so they can jump off the sides of set ups. Which doesn't just mess up a persons run but it also messes up the set up too.

Stupid skiers are the new people that don't know what they are doing and mess everything on the mountain up and thats how people get hurt. They don't just mess up snowboarders but they also mess up other skiers that actually know what they are doing. Which is why they should make it so beginner skiers learn etiquette and have to stay at a certain part of the mountain before they can go places they are made to be at.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Why Does it Always Have to Rain/Snow When I Wash My Car?!

This weeks post will be about how every time I wash my car the weather becomes shitty and makes her all dirty again. I love to have a clean car, so I am always washing it. When I wash it, it usually takes me at least two and a half hours but sometimes more. My car does not fit in normal car washes since it is so big. When I do find a car wash that can fit my car, the car wash can never reach the top of my car. In other words, I pay money for a car wash to just spray some water on the sides of my car.

Usually what happens is I will clean my car top to bottom because it gets dirty and the day is really nice so I decide to clean it. But by the end of the day or the next day it will end up raining or snowing and it will get all dirty and all the work I put into it goes down the drain. Which really makes me just want to say "fuck you" to the weather! So now I tend to not clean my car for awhile even if the weather is really nice and then finally i decide that the weather seems like it will stay nice so I take it to the car wash pay fifteen bucks and the car would look so amazing and then it will rain or I will have to go somewhere where my car will get muddy. It is very annoying, I feel like I should just never wash my car since it always gets so dirty with the Ohio weather.

Monday, February 1, 2010


For this weeks post I will be talking about how my neighbors piss me off. This week has been a pretty chill week until my neighbors decided to be smart asses and piss me off. First, one of my neighbors decided that they can just walk into my apartment because my roommate and I are kind of friends with them. They just come and grab a water and start up the hookah like it is their apartment. Which is EXTREMELY annoying! The next thing is that when her boyfriend comes over he just starts to play Xbox without even asking or when he will use the bathroom he didn't flush or pissed all over the place like a two year old! Like come on! how can you seriously miss the bowl sober?! Recently her boyfriend thought it would be funny to turn the water off on the toilet shit in the upper bowl (EXTREMELY GRAPHIC!!!!)and then piss everywhere. So as the days went on there was a terrible smell and we couldn't figure out where the smell was coming from until we went to go flush the toilet and it wouldn't. So when we lifted the top off we saw the shit and my roommate puked and I almost did. It was a good, but gross joke and made us pissed until we get them back and make everything even. But besides that prank It wouldn't really bug me if they would ask to come in or to use things but they don't so we tend to get them back by doing things that pretty much say fuck you and quit doing what your doing. Hopefully they catch on and they will quit it.

Monday, January 25, 2010


Everyone has problems with females in their life. Whether it has to do with best friends, girlfriends, or just random girls that like to start drama. For this post I will be talking about girls like this. For instance, my best friend that is a girl and I are losing touch because of drama that is starting up. She and I have been great friends for a little more than five years and lately there has been some drama between her and one of my other friends.

My best friend and I know that there are feelings there but every time one of us is single the other one isn't. Which is always the biggest problem. So finally we are both single and in college and we start talking but one of her friends that is also my friend is telling her she shouldn't talk to me like that because it could ruin our friendship and that I'm not good enough for her. Which is just dumb drama that isn't true.

Most of the time some girls tend to always want all the attention they can get and to do that they start drama so they people ask them what its all about or why they are doing it. And some girls love that; but I'm not saying that this is just a girl thing because guys tend to do it too but that isn't the case this week.

This girl that is talking all this shit about me and is trying to convince my best friend that I am such a terrible person and all I care about is myself. But my best friend knows that isn't true. But this girl is so determined to not let us be happy that shit is making up different lies about me almost everyday. Which is hard for me because it makes me tired of trying to prove myself and my best friend is trying to just ignore it but she is starting to cave in and I can tell which is very disappointing to me. And this isn't the first time drama has gotten between me and a relationship but that can be another post some day.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Police officers really get under my skin

For this weeks post i will be talking about how cops piss me off. This week has been a pretty good week until I got a speeding ticket on the way home from my mothers house. I was driving along around 11p.m and was almost home. There weren't any cars around me until i passed two cars heading the opposite way. Unfortunately one of the two cars was a state highway patrol. I drive a very nice car for my age and I tend to always get looks, especially from the police. When the cop told me I was speeding I knew I was screwed. The second thing the cop said was, " is this your car?" when I responded yes he then said, " do your parents know your driving this vehicle?" Which really pisses me off considering the registration and insurance is in my name. And this isn't the first time I've been pulled over and asked that. Like can't cops read? and do something better then pulling people over going 10 mile an hour over? I'm pretty sure there is more serious things that need taken care of like murders, robberies, accidents, and people going way over the speed limit.

Also, they piss me off because when I need them they never come. I've called 911 multiple times for help and I've never gotten a police officer to show up. Even though it was nothing life threating but its still the fact that they should show up and make sure everything is ok. Thats why they tend to piss me off a lot. Which brings brings up the point they only come when you don't want them to or don't need them. Which gets under my skin like you can't believe!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sometimes having a party can SUCK!

Hello all, for this weeks blog post I'm going to write about how throwing a party can piss you off but at the same time have something good. My friend Tony from high school and I decided since we applied so late for college that there wasn't a way to get into the dorms. So we had to get an apartment; and we have a two bedroom one and a half bathroom place with a nice basement. We have had a few parties and not much has happened that has really gotten under my skin until last night.

We decided to have people over and just have some fun; usually there is always someone that doesn't know when to quit drinking (water of course) and gets sick which ruins everything for the persons place that its at because they are the ones that usually have to clean it up.

This night things were going good until the next day when I woke up i couldn't find some items like my video games, movies, shoes, coats, and ipods. The place was completely trashed there were stains in the carpet and garbage everywhere. when it comes to a person that hosts a party you think that the people that were invited would have the respect to not steal or trash the place. Well sometimes people don't always think that way. So my roommate and I started cleaning up and the more we cleaned the more stuff we found missing. It was like the people that came over were just trying to pull a fast one on us but in the end they were just kidding and hid stuff. My roommate and I were very pissed of until we figured out it was all a joke, a very good joke, but we were still angry that our friends left trash lay every where and didn't help clean up.

Thats why having parties can sometimes piss me off because you have to clean up the next day and sometimes things are where you put them or are just completely missing.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My first blog post everrrrrrrrrrr

Hey all, this is my first post ever in my life. I have never done anything thing like this before and am still kind of lost on the whole thing. In my posts you will see me venting about things that really piss me off but in some events is also something funny or made a memory that will last forever. There will most likely be things that I write about that you will find that piss you off also, which means you can comment on my posts! There is always something small that make people flip, which sometimes confuses people because they don't know what was said or done to anger you. it doesn't matter whether you are a very relaxed person or if you are a very active person.

Personally i am a very high strung guy but am very laid back when it comes to things pissing me off. But like everyone else in this world small things people do or say get me so fired up i start shaking and my heart feels like it's pound so hard its going to come out of my chest; such as, when people are shady/lie/steal, when people drive like idiots, or when people talk down on people for no reason. There are many other things that piss me off but those top the list.

Its a good thing to be able to vent about those kind of things so you get it out and don't let it build up inside and then blow up on a friend or a boyfriend or girlfriend. Which is what you can do on my blog, you can vent all you want about anything, such as gf/bf problems, parent problems, school problems, etc. and it will most likely take a big burden off of your shoulders. Hopefully this blog will help out some of you that need to vent!