Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My first blog post everrrrrrrrrrr

Hey all, this is my first post ever in my life. I have never done anything thing like this before and am still kind of lost on the whole thing. In my posts you will see me venting about things that really piss me off but in some events is also something funny or made a memory that will last forever. There will most likely be things that I write about that you will find that piss you off also, which means you can comment on my posts! There is always something small that make people flip, which sometimes confuses people because they don't know what was said or done to anger you. it doesn't matter whether you are a very relaxed person or if you are a very active person.

Personally i am a very high strung guy but am very laid back when it comes to things pissing me off. But like everyone else in this world small things people do or say get me so fired up i start shaking and my heart feels like it's pound so hard its going to come out of my chest; such as, when people are shady/lie/steal, when people drive like idiots, or when people talk down on people for no reason. There are many other things that piss me off but those top the list.

Its a good thing to be able to vent about those kind of things so you get it out and don't let it build up inside and then blow up on a friend or a boyfriend or girlfriend. Which is what you can do on my blog, you can vent all you want about anything, such as gf/bf problems, parent problems, school problems, etc. and it will most likely take a big burden off of your shoulders. Hopefully this blog will help out some of you that need to vent!

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  1. OK, Cimino.

    Sounds like a lot of material. I'd suggest a title change for your blog, though, as this has been used before.

    Remember to put a space between paragraphs.