Monday, March 15, 2010

Having a Shitty and Messy Roommate

While there are times when people have moments that they get upset or pissed off there are also things that make people smile. For this story you will read about how one of my best friends who is also my roommate pisses me off. The main thing that bugs me is that I am a clean freak and hate clutter, but he is always leaving things lay around.
These habits were at their peak when we decided to have a new years party at our house. He never cleans up the next morning; he lets everyone wear their shoes, and is always letting people smoke in our house.
First, ever since I was a little kid I was taught to always keep things clean, whether it is dishes, your room, or your clothes. When I get bored, I tend to clean things, which can be a really bad thing because when I do that I usually clean up his stuff too. So he just takes advantage of it which is why I think he doesn’t clean up after himself as much.
When we have parties at the house he tends to keep himself locked in his room the next morning until he has to go to class or work and then I end up having to clean everything. Which is exactly what he did the day after new years. It wouldn’t bother me to clean my own mess but I have to clean up his and our friends’ messes, which is just annoying. Even when he is the one that wanted to throw the party I tend to still clean it up after because I wake up earlier then he does.
When we have people over at our house and I’m home I make everyone take their shoes off at the door so that the carpet doesn’t get all dirty and gross. But when my roommate throws a party and I get home to late and people are already there he doesn’t have them take their shoes off so the carpet will be all wet and nasty. Which is what happened on new years. Its like he has to impress everyone by letting them do whatever they want when they come to our place and it’s just dumb.
So then the next morning when everyone is gone it looked like a herd of buffalo swam in the mud then ran all around our house. Then it comes to me mostly cleaning it and my roommate will come towards the end and finish. But he usually does a shitty job so I have to go back and clean it.

One of the last things that piss me off is how he let other people at the party is smokes in the apartment. When he has friends over he lets them all smoke when I’m not home so when I get home the place smells gross and I get extremely pissed. I think the only reason he does it because he wants people to think he’s cool and doesn’t care. But when I find a bunch of cigarette butts all in the front lawn or burn marks in the couch or on the floor I get really pissed.
The Gross Cigarette Butts

We both grew up around people that didn’t smoke so I don’t understand where this is coming from. He has also picked up a habit of chewing tobacco, which is extremely gross and smells terrible when he opens the cans up. He will just leave bottles of chew spit all over the place and I find it extremely gross and I will find tobacco guts on our floor. Which also goes along with how he doesn’t pick up after himself. But I wouldn’t care about the spitting thing as long as he didn’t leave his spit bottles lay everywhere.
My best friend, which is also my roommate, tends to do things around the apartment that really pisses me off. He is a really great friend and we usually always get along but there are times when we just butt heads and argue about things like I explained and things go down hill but they usually get better the next day. Like when he doesn’t clean up the next morning, lets people keep their shoes on inside, and smokes and spits in the house. The things he does wouldn’t bother me as much as they do if he would just do his share of the work and just make smarter choices.


  1. That would be annoying having a roommate like that. When I get an apartment, I will make sure I have roommates that will keep the place clean. I also wouldn't want people coming to my place and leaving their trash all over the floor. That sucks that you have to find burn marks on your couch and floors, i would be very pissed if someone came to my house and did that. It reminds me of how I drive my friends and they leave trash in my car or spill drinks in my car. Reading this post has informed me that I need to choose the right roommates when i get my own place.

  2. Wow that has to be very annoying especially since your such a clean freak. I guess I relate with you on some things but others I can't. I'm not a clean freak but I do like to keep things semi clean, yes I have a bad habbit of just throwing cloths around but then after like a day I clean my room just like you I clean my room when I'm bored. I hate cigarette's especially when people just throw them in weird places and chewing tobacco is so gross I can not stand seeing someone else's gross spit in a bottle.I would have to agree it would be very annoying having to clean up someone else's stuff.

  3. Is that your roommate?

    Nice pic of the cigarette butts.

  4. nope lol its just a pic online but thats pretty much what his room looks like