Sunday, March 7, 2010


So the other weekend i went to visit my buddies up at kent state and we did our usual things that we do best. I left two thursdays ago so that i could be up there for thirsty thursday. Thursday went off with a bang and i got up there met up with my friends and then went out with no problems. The same went for friday night, but on saturday night things went downhill. when we go out i wear my contacts and before passing out around 3 am i forgot to take out my contacts.

So the next morning i wake up and my eye hurt like a mother and are gunked shut. I figured i just had another eye infection like i get when i wear my contacts too long. so i didn't think anything of it. But the next day it wasn't any better it was actually worse! So i have my roommate drive me to the urgent care since i can barley keep my eyes open. When i get there the nurse asks me questions that i answer. then the doctor comes in and asks me the same questions, so i answer them again. then they tell me i need to get to a eye specialist ASAP! but there wasn't any open at the time so my parents wanted me to go to OSU Medical Center.

My mom rushed to Newark to pick me up and took me. When we get there you have to sign in and do all the stupid paperwork. Finally i get called and they ask me pretty much the same dam things that the urgent care did. And not just once, like three times. After being there for around three hours and meeting a girl that has the same thing wrong with her eyes we have to schedule an appointment with another specialist for the next day. After that we were giving our prescriptions and able to leave.

The next day my dad drives me to the other specialist and guess what?? I had to repeat the whole process for the third time! Filling out all the paperwork and answering all the same questions. You would think that all the stuff that they right down the next person would read it and not ask the same questions.


  1. That really sucks that you had went through all that. Its good that you enjoyed yourself when you did because i know that the doctor appointments was horrible. I haven`t had to go to Urgent care since i was young and that was when i busted my ear on the wall. It sounds funny but I thought that I was about to die. Blood was everywhere. Then I got my ear stitched up and that hurt like hell. But I was playing hide and seek with some cousins then I slipped and busted my ear on the side of a door. Oh and the doctors were mean.

  2. I am so glad I don’t need contacts or glasses. It makes life a whole lot easier. A lot of my friends are always like I need to take out my contacts and if I needed to wear them I think I would forget about them and I wouldn’t take them out for weeks, because I would keep forgetting. I hate it when the nurse will ask you a question and then the doctor comes and in and acts the same question. Well first off I don’t feel good so I don’t wanna answer questions I just wanna feel a whole lot better.