Thursday, February 4, 2010

Why Does it Always Have to Rain/Snow When I Wash My Car?!

This weeks post will be about how every time I wash my car the weather becomes shitty and makes her all dirty again. I love to have a clean car, so I am always washing it. When I wash it, it usually takes me at least two and a half hours but sometimes more. My car does not fit in normal car washes since it is so big. When I do find a car wash that can fit my car, the car wash can never reach the top of my car. In other words, I pay money for a car wash to just spray some water on the sides of my car.

Usually what happens is I will clean my car top to bottom because it gets dirty and the day is really nice so I decide to clean it. But by the end of the day or the next day it will end up raining or snowing and it will get all dirty and all the work I put into it goes down the drain. Which really makes me just want to say "fuck you" to the weather! So now I tend to not clean my car for awhile even if the weather is really nice and then finally i decide that the weather seems like it will stay nice so I take it to the car wash pay fifteen bucks and the car would look so amazing and then it will rain or I will have to go somewhere where my car will get muddy. It is very annoying, I feel like I should just never wash my car since it always gets so dirty with the Ohio weather.


  1. I liked the picture you picked for your blog. I hate when I just wash my car and the weather is bad. When I first got my licenses I would keep my car really clean from the inside out. But now that I have had my licenses for about 3 ½ years now I don’t really keep good care of it. I think I got sick of how long it takes to keep it clean. I also just don’t care anymore about it. I think I was just really excited when I first got my licenses. That sucks your car is too big for car washes.

  2. Same feeling. I hate when I wash my truck and then it rains or snows. I like to wash my truck every week during the winter to get the snow off, but it’s to freaking cold out to wash it. My truck won’t fit through the automatic car wash, so I have to wash it by hand out in the cold. If I don’t wash it my chrome caps for my wheels rust real bad because of the salt. I also hate cleaning the inside. It seems when I wash the outside or inside of my truck I get it dirty the next day. I have to go through the same shit like you clean it, next day it get dirty, then you start all over again until u don’t want to clean it anymore.

  3. Lol. Yea man that shit sucks! My friend just recently had that prob w/ tha snow we just had. Maybe u jus have that kind of luck bro.

  4. Cimino--

    Hmm. No Hummer-sized car washes, eh?

    Make your links bring your reader to web sites or articles or other avenues that move one beyond what you have written in the post. If you want to use images to embellish or depict what you have written, include them in the blog itself, perhaps with a caption (I'll show you all in class how to do this). As a matter of fact, I thought the picture you included at the article's from was your car based on how this is written.

  5. I havent had the motivation to clean my car in a long time because of the weather. No body ever feels motivated I dont think when it rains or the sun isnt shining. I am waiting for a nice warm and sunny day to get my car cleaned. Best of luck.