Monday, February 1, 2010


For this weeks post I will be talking about how my neighbors piss me off. This week has been a pretty chill week until my neighbors decided to be smart asses and piss me off. First, one of my neighbors decided that they can just walk into my apartment because my roommate and I are kind of friends with them. They just come and grab a water and start up the hookah like it is their apartment. Which is EXTREMELY annoying! The next thing is that when her boyfriend comes over he just starts to play Xbox without even asking or when he will use the bathroom he didn't flush or pissed all over the place like a two year old! Like come on! how can you seriously miss the bowl sober?! Recently her boyfriend thought it would be funny to turn the water off on the toilet shit in the upper bowl (EXTREMELY GRAPHIC!!!!)and then piss everywhere. So as the days went on there was a terrible smell and we couldn't figure out where the smell was coming from until we went to go flush the toilet and it wouldn't. So when we lifted the top off we saw the shit and my roommate puked and I almost did. It was a good, but gross joke and made us pissed until we get them back and make everything even. But besides that prank It wouldn't really bug me if they would ask to come in or to use things but they don't so we tend to get them back by doing things that pretty much say fuck you and quit doing what your doing. Hopefully they catch on and they will quit it.

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  1. Cimino--

    Neat photo you've chosen. Are you fed up with neighbors in general or these neighbors in particular? Sounds like you're on pretty friendly terms with them overall, so it doesn't seem like they themselves are what is pissing you off; rather, some of their actions are.

    This post is a little short and without paragraphs. Make most of your links invitations to the readers to learn more about what you are talking about.