Monday, February 22, 2010

When friends mess with your Facebook

So this week nothing really made me pissed off until my roommate got onto my Facebook that was left up on my laptop. Which was dumb of me to not log off because it has happened before. He got onto my home page and changed my profile picture to two gay guys that were pretty much naked and changed my status to something VERY gay. Then he changed my interested in from girls to guys. So of course everyone gets onto their Facebook and sees all of that on their news feed and most of the people know its someone messing with my page but some people are dumb enough to believe it and freak out. Sadly i drank to much water before this was all happening and didnt realize it till the next morning when i got onto my page and saw that i had over ten messages, a few from family members but some friends, and over fifty notifications. So then after i get pissed off at my roommate and tell him i'm going to get him back i have to change everything back to the way it was, explain to my family members that it was just my roommate being immature and delete all the comments and pictures that he put up. I hate when people do that kind of stuff where people that are family or have some type of business with me that wouldnt understand it as a joke because then you lose respect and question that person. But it hasnt been the first time that has happened from not only my roommate but from other friends because i guess i just have to much trust for them and wouldnt think they would do something like that. But i will get him back and after he did that it really did make me say "Fuck you" to my roommate.


  1. Wow, that would make me mad too, talk about an invasion of privacy! But I would say that instead of the middle finger, a big pay-back is in order,

  2. I hate when my friends get on my facebook. It is so annoying like Friday night I had some friends over and they changed my status to random stuff. I had people commenting it and saying all these things about it. I mean it is funny unless they say something dumb on your wall. I think people change it because they have nothing else to. But that would suck to have your facebook change that you’re gay. Because a lot of people get on facebook and when something like that happens people start to question it. There are so many people that are obsessive with facebook. They believe everything they see on facebook and start a lot of drama with it.

  3. Although I have not ever had someone do that to me, I have done it to someone else to get them back for something they did. I know how much it pisses someone off. Its a good way to get someone back. Im sorry to hear that it happened to you. I think its kind of funny vise versa.

  4. What did some of the comments say? Did family members and friends truly think you were making such a major announcement through Facebook?

    What would cause people to "lose respect" in a person in this case?

    Did you mean that you drank too much "water" (that is to say, alcohol)? The quotation marks signal that you are using a euphemism. Otherwise, it is confusing.

    Cimino, I hope you read my feedback, for you are still writing one-paragraph screeds with links to pictures instead of sites or articles.