Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Stupid Skiers

For this weeks post I will be talking about how skiers can really get to me. Since Weds my friends and I have been at a condo that my family has in Snowshoe, West Virginia. When we got there it was a little rough because of all of the snow but we pushed threw because when we would get there the trails would be amazing!

But anyways back to the stupid skiers. Thursday when we woke up around ten we got showered, dressed, ate, then headed out on the trails (which I'd like to add is out the back door). For the first couple days there wasn't too many people on the mountain since it was during the week but I knew that once Friday hit it would get packed and have long lines and such. Saturday morning we wake up around the same time as usual and get ready, when we hit the slopes there were so many people on the trials! And as a snowboarder it is hard to go along the straight aways when there are skiers just stopped in the middle of the trial.

One of my friends actually ran in to someone that got into their way because there were one of two things done, 1. couldn't go anywhere and 2. he thought of WWJD (What Would Justin Do?). So the skier got all pissed off and started yelling at us but then we came back and told him to get off the trials if he doesn't know mountain etiquette. So then we went to the terrain park where there shouldn't be any dumb skiers. But noooooooo people take their kids down it so they can jump off the sides of set ups. Which doesn't just mess up a persons run but it also messes up the set up too.

Stupid skiers are the new people that don't know what they are doing and mess everything on the mountain up and thats how people get hurt. They don't just mess up snowboarders but they also mess up other skiers that actually know what they are doing. Which is why they should make it so beginner skiers learn etiquette and have to stay at a certain part of the mountain before they can go places they are made to be at.


  1. I've only been snowboarding once, and i know what you mean. A few of my friends and i decided to try it out one day because it's similar to skateboarding. We went to Mad River, and there were several skiers who would stand in the middle of the slope. Other then that we had a good experience until the end. We have a friend who thinks he can earn any sport faster than everyone else. He began to feel overconfident in his abilities and ended up launching himself off a jump , breaking his collar bone. We never returned to the park, and i always try to persuade my friends to go again.

  2. I must be one of the stupid skiers, but getting better. I have gone skiing about 6 times and I think I’m getting better. I want to try snowboarding now. Maybe you can teach. Anyways I have seen the videos on you snowboarding on facebook. Them look like some big jumps and looks like fun. You said that you went to Snowshoe, West Virginia and I have raced there before. They had a GNCC there and the place was sweet. The condo that we stayed in was huge and the slopes are right out the door. You should stay there when the GNCC is there this year and I will race it. Then I will come down sometime and go snowboarding with you.

  3. I hope you had fun on your sking trip.I never been sking, but i have always wanted to try. How many people on the slopes pissed you off, and what did they do that was so bad.

  4. Cimino--

    What makes the skiers the issue here? Are there just more of them and thus for novice skiers? Or do they somehow take up more room?

    I'm confused by this sentence: "One of my friends actually ran in to someone that got into their way because there were one of two things done, 1. couldn't go anywhere and 2. he thought of WWJD (What Would Justin Do?)." who is doing what Justin would do? Your skier or you friend? How so?

    Help me out. What's a "terrain park"? Why should there be no skiers there? What are set-ups? You can use links to help your descriptions. Again, try not to link to pictures, as these should be in your post itself.

  5. I’ve been snowboarding a couple of times but not at any ski resorts or anything, but I still know how a person should act when on a hill. Most of the time things are just common sense that people just tend to forget. I would get pissed off at a lot of those people too. Some people I think do it on purpose just to see how far they can push some people, and get a kick out of it. O well I guess, because things like that are never going to change and will just have to live with it, even if I don’t want to.

  6. Listen you moron. Ever heard of learning. These people don't know. You can't blame them for not knowing the proper mountain etiquette. I myself am purely a park skier and I know whats right and whats wrong, and I have seen just as many dumb ass beginner snowboarders sitting on the hill, like come on, it's common sense you don't just sit on the hill. I hate old people skiers just as much as you, but snowboarders are just the same sometimes.